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Nov. 5th, 2012


Sorry ...

I have been gone for a long time now, huh... And not only from LJ, but another place too.
A lot of things have happened and ... it is a long story. I don't want you guys to bother with it.
I still remember that rule about not making any drama too, so yeah.

I finished school and am learning to be a garden-center shop assistant. c:
Yes, I am finally working. That is probably another reason why I was gone.

I actually forgot that I was leaving behind a good friend of mine over here who was always supportive. Of course, he is busy with school and all but I was still appreciating that he took his time to talk to me. ^^

I have been drawing a lot too now! And I improved greatly~.

From that Cure Lotus picture, looking at my recent works... I actually can tell some difference but at the same time, it looks like the same to me. xD

So... Today I am not feeling well. Because of said person... ^^" I want to apologize for being so reckless and leaving without saying goodbye... But, I am back now, and even if not in the same community, at least now I will check my inbox here from time to time too. ^^...

Jan. 20th, 2012


Momo - Little Devil

Hello, my lovelies~

A new manga:

Momo - Little Devil
Reminds me of my best friend, she is also called Momo. *giggles*
I recently bought 5 mangas(which have yet to be read and previewed!!!) for the total prize of 26,80 € on Wednesday. I have to say, it was pretty worth the money.
I only found Vol. 5 because the store I was in has only a very small collection of mangas. (Libro)

What is "Momo - Little Devil" about?
It is very easy to catch up with what is going on - however you will miss a lot of fun. Me having only Vol. 5, I could easily follow the plot and it is explained at the beginning of the manga who who is. A brief description decorated with a small picture of each character.
Now, moving onto the plot:

Yume Odagiri (16) is a chosen one who is supposed to save the Earth.
Momo (probably 100 mio. years old) is the "self-proclaimed" Satan, or so she introduces herself.

Yume has to make Momo happy 7 times - if she fails to amuse/entertain her, the little, adorable girl will destroy the Earth.
Now, the question is, will Yume be able to gather Points and be the savior of the planet?
You only find it out if you read on.

Art-design and story-line
The Art kind of reminds me of "Vampire Knight" or "Ouran High School host Club". Despite how the eyes are practically "glued" on to the hair of the characters in some panels, I really loved looking at the pictures while reading. It is quite detailed!
Now, the story-line:
It is certainly entertaining, however I find it pretty long-stretched. I think that sums it up.


Overall points:
Characters: 7
Plot: 8

Art-design: 7
Creativity: 6


28 out of 40

Jan. 11th, 2012


Request and Manga project

Hi smilies!

How are you doing? To be honest, I hurt myself at school. The teacher accidentally pushed the Projector against my leg, and it hurts very much. I went to the hospital with my parents and the doctors said that it was only a scratch - as in, nothing.
I told myself that it wasn't true, because if it hurt, then it probably was more. It is still hurting, but before I will take a shower, I have to take it off and for the rest of the night. Moving on...
My representation went very well! The German teacher even stated that I seemed to know about what I was talking about - which was true! I am actually doing my own manga, so I know most of the basics a manga creator should know. Of course, I am no professional, but I am trying my best to become similar to one.

Request: A guy similar to my brother with a VW logo. - by my brother.
He wanted me to draw it, so I will get to work tomorrow, since I am not going tomorrow or on Friday anywhere (because of my leg...). He wants to put it on his car, so I agreed to it and took his request.
I am on dA, so everything I draw goes automatically there, and is re-linked to other sites from there. Or the user is simply me, who is using the pictures.

deviantArt account
Now to my manga...

A quick trailer-panel to my work "Fatal C:hibis". It is a fan-made manga of the game "Fatal Frame 2 - Crimson Butterfly". Also, a remake of Pyschadelicsnake's walkthrough on Youtube with this very same game. I am playing it too, so I thought, since I like him very much, and he has a lot of fans, and I love drawing, why not make a manga? And then came the idea of making a re-make manga with Snake's walkthrough.

A short info on the story and characters:

Barb - (Me) One of the main cast who got lost in All God's Village (the place where the game takes place). She soon meets Snake who is also lost and are escaping constantly from Sae. They also fight a lot
(in a friendly way) and are swaying on the same personality level with Snake. Due to a good idea, she suggests to wear Mio's uniform and suddenly the game's plot returns to the same and the events happen to take place as in the game.

Snake - Belongs to main cast and is the reason of people disappearing in All God's Village. It is revealed in the first Pages that it was him, who bought Barb and Momo into the village. Throughout the whole manga, he wields the Camera Obscura and rarely shares it with Barb. He also wears a Mio uniform, just like Barb.

Momo - Barb's best friend, also belonging to the main cast. One year younger than the female protagonist, she has quite big chest size and is much better at studying than Barb (who is just horrible). She is the "Mayu" of this series.

Sae - Main antagonist, just like in the original game. her intentions this time are unknown, and is desperately after Barb and Snake.

Cover: (click on it and it redirects you to the manga!)

Jan. 7th, 2012


Anime & Manga Referat

So today was just like another day...
  1. I would stay up until 2-3 in the morning and then go to sleep.
  2. Then I would have a nice rest.
  3. But then I would wake up and say "FFFFFFFFFUUU-- I forgot that I have a Representation on Wednesday!!!"
This day was none like the others... I actually managed to finish it in less than one hour. Now I only need the poster. :)
So, since the presentation is only in German, I am thinking of translating it later on the day, however I do not promise you anything.
If you are interested what kind of shit work I put together, you can read it. ^ ^

Animes & Mangas
Referat von Barbara Reider
11. 01. 2012

Lieber Mitschüler und Lehrer, hiermit werde ich die Japanische Trickfilme und Comics repräsentieren. Ich habe mir das Tema deshalb genommen, weil ich etwas sehr ausergewöhnliches vorstellen wollte.

Es muss welche von euch geben die "Sailor Moon" oder "Dragon Ball Z" kennt. Sie sind die meistbekannteste Animes weltweit. Na ja, nur einige von die Millionen anderen, eigentlich.
Ich möchte kurz darauf eure Aufmerksamkeit bitten, da die zwei Animes sehr unterschiedlich, jedoch das selbe sind. Das Grund für die Unterschiedlichkeit ist, dass "Sailor Moon" sich mit  eine "magische Mädchen" aura beschäftigt und daher es sehr beliebt ist unter Kinder - mesitens Mädchen.

"Dragon Ball Z" ist eher für Burschen, da es viele Attack scene gibt und ist reichend mit Action ausgestattet.

Nun kommen wir zu den Punkt, wo ich sie vergleiche: beide Animes haben Ursprünglich ein Manga, und sind schon seit mindestens 15 Jahre im Fernsehen. Sieht ihr wie unterschiedlich die Themen sein können? Mangas gehen in fasst alle Richtungen - Drama, Tragödie, Action, Magical Girl, Religion usw.

Es ist auch sehr wichtig, die reihenfolge zu wissen. Erst erscheinen nur die Mangas, und wenn sie Interessant genug sind, (manchmal nicht!) dann bekommen sie Ihr Anime Debut = sie kommen ins Fernseherprogramm.
Aber was noch immer das beste ist, wenn du zum ersten mal dein erstes Manga liest, und du öffnest den Buch und findest das etwas schon abgeht, und du hast keine Ahnung darüber. Mir ist es auch schon mal passiert beim ersten mal wo ich lesen wollte, und da habe ich es bemerkt - es geht anders rum.

Also du fangst nicht von rechts nach links zu lesen - sondern von links nack rechts. Grund dafür ist dass die Japaner anders schreiben und benutzen ihr eigenes Schrift genannt: Kanji.

Was ich gehört habe, ist dass Mangas deshalb entstanden sind, weil es verboten war  im Japan Blut oder Gewalt im TV zu zeigen, allerdings ist es nicht bewusst ob es wirklich der Grund ist.

Jetzt möchte ich euch mein Lieblingsmangas vorstellen...*D.Gray-Man - Religion (? XD), Ouran High School Host Club - Drama, Ao no Exorcist - Action, Kobato. - Magical girl usw.*


Dec. 19th, 2011


♥ Icon Boutique Christmas Musical Special Set ♥

Quick note:

I am not dead. Here is this year's last Icon Boutique. Please enjoy your presents.(Warning, crappy icons ahead.)Also, there are a few icons from last year.
From curelime, with lots of love



Jun. 16th, 2011


Awake! HeartCatch PreCure♥ Chapter 1

Main Characters:Tsubomi Hanasaki,Erika Kurumi,Yuri Tsukikage,Itsuki Myoudouin,Tomoko Watanabe
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters, only my own and the story plot.

Awake!HeartCatch PreCure
Read more...Collapse )

Jun. 8th, 2011


Axis Powers Hetalia vol.2 arrived!

So yesterday my vol.2 of Hetalia has arrived,and I am planning to read it on this weekend,you know,making a chilly Saturday and read vol.1 and vol.2.I am so happy to have it already! But since on Friday I am having the last Math exam of this year,I must work and study hard tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

Apr. 20th, 2011


The Icon Boutique

it's been a while,right?I know,so that's why I decided to go through my Pretty Cure folder again,and make some new icons.
I'm on Spring Break,and I thought I could open the Boutique again,since I've got more time now.
Unfortunately,the one Boutique I posted,was lost due to an error,so I have to do it for the second time.It was a lot of work.
This is also a 'Good Bye' post for HeartCatch PreCure on my part.
And I want to wish,for Ichikyo-san(20th),SalemJeanette-san(21st) and Kitsuchan12-san(26th)
a Happy Birthday in the name of the PreCure Community!
These icons are dedicated firstly to you,and everyone!
It's free to use!
Please enjoy!
And this is for Kistuchan12 because she is more into FMA than PC xD
Please enjoy the Edward-ness~♥

♥~Requests are open,so I want you to tell me your favorite anime character from a DIFFERENT Anime than PreCure.You'll get 4 icons,each person can request only one anime character,okay? Have fun~